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    The Commission

    Yola, Nigeria

    The commission functions to coordinate and promote the work and services of the Diocese as carried out by various parishes, societies, organization and departments through modern means of information dissemination. It serves as the liaison for all diocesan entities and the media outlets. The commission develops the diocesan communication plans and it seeks also to address issues that concern the church.

  • Mission

    Mission Statement

    Yola, Nigeria The commission celebrates the presence of Christ in the Word and Sacraments. We are called and sent to proclaim the good news of Christ. In the spirit of faith and service. The general objective of our Diocesan plan is to live and promote a model of church that is communitarian, evangelising and missionary, incarnate in the reality of our culture and the changing times.
  • Goal

    Goal of the Mission

    Yola, Nigeria The commission seeks to address the communication needs of the diocese and help the diocese realize its pastoral needs.
  • Objectives

    Objectives of the Mission

    Yola, Nigeria The commission’s objective is to train pastoral workers in communication, encourage collaboration among commissions and promote truth, justice, peace, forgiveness and love.
  • Activities of the Mission


    Yola, Nigeria
    • Christian half hour programmes with Radio Gotel every Sunday at 2.00pm, anchor Mr. Lawrence Onime
    • Monthly meeting of the Association Media Practitioners (CAMP)
    • Annual celebration of world Social Communication Day in conjunction with the universal church.
    • Coverage of Bishop's pastoral visit
  • Publications of the Mission

    Diocesan Liturgical Diary

    Yola, Nigeria

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